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Sage Sahumerio

Sage Sahumerio

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Sage Sahumerio

Measurements: 11cm x 3.5cm (approximate measurements).

Materials: Sage

Type: Base

It is usually used to: Neutralize spaces. Used before activating any intention with any essence, incense or combined incense.

Extras: Includes neck with wood and amber stone. It is lowered according to the use of the incense (two or three centimeters below the part that is being consumed). In the end it can be used as a bracelet. It is said that wood and amber absorb the properties of the incense and retain them for a time.

*100% natural California sage.

Long lasting product.

After a year of researching and searching, we found the purest natures to make our incense collection. No chemical retardants or accelerators, straight from nature.

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