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Shipping policy

FedEX shipments 3-5 business days from $ 99.00 to $ 140.00

FedEX Expres shipments 1-3 business days from $ 140.00 to $ 160.00

The exact shipping cost is quoted by the page at the end of the purchase, although the shipping costs vary, generally the 3-5 day shipment does not exceed $ 99.00

It is important to fill out and verify the shipping information. Orders arrive at the address provided by the customer and we cannot be held responsible for wrong deliveries due to errors when entering the address. If you want the order to arrive at a parcel to collect it, you must put the address of said parcel (it must be FedEx). In case of problems with the delivery due to lack of data or data errors offered to us by the client to make the shipment, we will support within our possibilities to facilitate the delivery but the client must be responsible for providing the correct data to FedEx if necessary by calling your phone number.

Shipping to any part of Mexico

Times may vary if the order is directed to an area or region that does not have nearby FedEx branches, such as towns, rural areas, etc.